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14 March 2013 - Lucca, Italy

Tagetik Provides Organizations of All Sizes with Finance Cost and Efficiency Benchmarks

Benchmark research reveals the potential for millions in cost savings, cycle times, and resources through Financial Performance Management process improvement

Tagetik, a global provider of enterprise software solutions for Performance Management, Disclosure Management, Financial Governance and Business Intelligence, today announced that it has purchased the rights to distribute key finance organization benchmarks compiled by research and benchmarking firm, APQC - American Productivity & Quality Center.

Benchmarks are tailored according to four different annual revenue ranges – greater than $20B;  $10-20B;  $2–10B;  and $500M-2B companies.  The benchmarks span across costs, process cycle times, and resource metrics specific to the Office of Finance, such as financial and management reporting, annual planning, consolidated financial statements production, and quarterly/annual earnings disclosure.

Because the benchmarks show the difference between top performers and bottom performers, which can equate to millions in finance costs, Tagetik has developed a free Excel Calculator to help businesses determine the financial impact of their position compared to top performers.

The finance benchmarks from APQC have been compiled into a free benchmark Infographic and tailored Excel Calculator to help finance organizations determine their best opportunities to improve performance and reduce costs,” explains Manuel Vellutini – Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer at Tagetik.  “This is an innovative yet simple way to communicate tangible benefits that any organization can gain from improving their finance processes, regardless of industry or revenue range. These tools clearly reflect Tagetik’s mission to support companies worldwide in driving efficiency, transparency, and cost savings in the management of their financial performance processes as well as greater ROI by providing a unified solution for optimizing financial processes and performance.

Download the free benchmark Infographic and tailored Excel Calculator!

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