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22 March 2012 - Lucca, Italy

Tagetik Launches new Corporate Identity: "Performance with Passion"

New tag-line, website, video, and awareness campaign for the most specialized, innovative, leading-edge vendor in the Performance Management market

Tagetik, a global provider of enterprise software solutions for Performance Management, Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance and Business Intelligence, today announced its new corporate identity ‘Performance with Passion’ and in conjunction unveiled a completely revamped website, a ‘performance with passion’ themed video, and an extensive awareness campaign. The focal point of the company’s restyled image and messaging is customers’ and partners’ signatures as validation that Tagetik’s dedication, innovation and unrivaled passion is a proven recipe for success.

It all stems from our passion for doing things well,” says Manuel Vellutini, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer at Tagetik. “In a supermarket-like sector full of standardized products, homogenized, complex solutions, and weak personal relationships, Tagetik acts as a ‘global boutique’ (or say: a specialized craftsman) focused on only one thing, performance management software, and doing it well.  Our specialization and ‘one-to-one’ service enable us to satisfy specific needs through an ever-changing, simplifying, performance management product. This specialization and passion is something we firmly believe are key differentiators in the market which is why we selected ‘Performance with Passion’ as the new foundation of our corporate identity.”“

Our philosophy is that mutual success is merely the first point of commitment, because a signed agreement with Tagetik goes far beyond the contract,” he continues. “The signature represents a unique bond and dedication to success that we have forged with our customers and partners. Many customers such as Panalpina, Grontmij, Bobrick, OCLC, M+W Group, Peuterey, Unieco, Bolton and partners like PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Alper & Schetter have contributed their signatures and are sharing their success stories to help us communicate the value ‘Performance with Passion’ brings to the performance management market.

Dave Kasabian, Corporate Vice President, Product Marketing at Tagetik adds: “Customers and partners choose us because of the quality of our software solution, our ability to quickly understand and address their needs, and the dedication of the company to their success. Our decision to exclusively focus on Finance processes and finding innovative ways to address the specific challenges of the Office of the CFO in a single unified product has created a strong passion in our customer base for what we do and how we do it.  ‘Performance with Passion’ and the signature campaign give us the opportunity to share the passion and success of our customers and partners with the performance management software marketplace.  In our opinion there is no better way to communicate this than through the words and signatures of our customers and partners.”

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Greta Bartoli CCH Tagetik Press Release & Social Media Specialist +39 0583 96811 office