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Satriun Group selects CCH Tagetik because its the only solution on the market that harmonizes processes in the office of Finance

Satriun’s Partnership with CCH Tagetik allows their clients to streamline their reporting process, shorten their close, increase quality and consistency of data.


CCH Tagetik was one of the few that was basically stepping into a blank space of harmonizing the processes in the office of finance within one solution, and we thought that was really unique and also we saw it was picking up in the market and that's why we decided to partner.

We did a project back in early 2012, but it really took off when we implemented CCH Tagetik at Ranstad group, which was at that time the first large cloud-based deployment of CCH Tagetik, and it included consolidation, forecasting, weekly flash reporting, tax accounting, so it was a very complex and complete solution and we managed to do that in a nine-month time frame together, of course, with the people here back in Lucca, so it both helped us kickoff but also, definitely, to establish our relationship with the people here in Lucca.

Well, it definitely comes back to this ability to integrate different processes within a single solution, because there's many products in the market that basically have different solutions for different processes, which gives you a scattered landscape and I think CCH Tagetik is one of the few that's really able to integrate all those processes under a single front end which is extremely powerful.

Definitely the passion for what they're doing, it's the focus I guess also on the office of Finance, it's the deliberate choice not to try to do everything, but focus on what is important for the office of the CFO and just then trying to excel in that space … a possibility to integrate different processes under a single product, what we see is that our clients are capable to streamline their processes, shorten their close but also increase a higher quality and consistency of the information that they report and I think a good example is the intercompany matching module, which allows significant streamlining of the process, because the matching activities are not cluttered at the corporate office, so that's definitely the ability to run reports on the fly and to do currency conversion and segment reporting in real time, because basically it means that our clients can do scenario analysis but also constant currency reporting without the need to write the data physically in the database, so it gives you a lot of power and freedom to generate all kinds of reports from a relatively small base source of data, that's definitely where CCH Tagetik is unique.

For anyone considering to partner with CCH Tagetik, I would say definitely, don't hesitate, jump on board and welcome to the family.

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