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Using rolling forecasts and simplified planning for dynamic controlling

Kistler's CFO Roger Willi discusses how a unified corporate performance management solution has helped support a major corporate reorganization while simultaneously increasing control, fostering clear accountability and transparency, and providing more meaningful planning and management reports.

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Kistler's CFO Roger Willi will discuss how the company uses CCH Tagetik’s solution to empower entrepreneurial spirit and increase business adaptability in each of its three divisions, as well as address challenges such as frequent budget adjustments due to cyclical and market fluctuations and potential bottlenecks in capacity. He will also discuss how Kistler has implemented a massively simplified and dynamically structured planning process, complemented with rolling forecasts that provide flexible controlling guidance throughout each period.

Learn how a unified CPM solution can support complex business structures, insights for implementation success, and best practices for developing efficient and meaningful planning and forecasting.