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Rabobank USA automates their regulatory reporting

Listen to how Rabobank ensures the controls and consistency across USA for regulatory reporting thanks to CCH Tagetik.


One of the major factors for the Rabobank to look for automation solution around the regulatory reporting was, actually the integration of the new businesses across the region, as well as the consolidation of those businesses, where we looked for the consistency … and doing the consistency through manual processes was no longer possible, so we looked for the automation and the chosen software was CCH Tagetik.

Main pain points were… the inconsistency and the aggregation of that data.

Each region had its own system, its own way to do the regulatory reporting, its own processes and … creating consistency across the board was something that was brand-new for most of us and that's actually why we took the advantage of automating the process, not just streamlining … in terms of consistency impact, actually, we are utilizing it and push forward the automation solution arounded.

Before you would allocate that time to aggregate and consolidate the data, now you allocate it to validate and analyze the data, which improves the quality and that's what the regulators are looking for.

I think the CCH Tagetik team was most the impressive.

They were fully dedicated worked very collaboratively, I think we had a very strong knowledge base coming from CCH Tagetik, not only they had a good understanding of the customer needs, Rabobank needs, but they also provided some accommodation suggestions across the border, in terms of how to best utilize the CCH Tagetik software to our needs.

The most impact of CCH Tagetik is, obviously, mandatory requirements from the Federal Reserve Bank.

It wasn't an option for Rabobank, we had to do the automation and CCH Tagetik delivered that automation.

The consistency across United States for the regulatory reporting … so we ensure the controls, we utilized the CCH Tagetik … process flows, which are quite user-friendly.

So, we know that controls applied consistently, that users can maintain those controls without trying to remember having checked the spreadsheet to then analyze this database.

So the way the system enables the controls … gives you step-by-step, and it's flexible to accommodate, not only your local data, but there's also U.S.

consistently applied regional data set.

Yes, I would recommend CCH Tagetik with other firms and, actually, I have personally recommended to other firms to utilize and the flexibility around it.

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