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Meltone and CCH Tagetik a winning partnership for the office of Finance!

Learn why Meltone chose to partner with CCH Tagetik a cutting edge of corporate performance management solutions.


Meltone Advisory had a partnership with a historical leader in the CPM market and 2 years ago we decided to finda new player that would be more agile, more flexible, more visionary … so we decided to do some analysis and we estimated that CCH Tagetikwas the best partner for that.

The real key differentiators of CCH Tagetik comparing to the other competitors, from both an IT and a business process point of view: we can mention for instance the Cloud and on-premise approach that gives the customer a differentsituation and different opportunity to start a project.

We can also mention the web user interface that is already duplicated in a user Excelinterface which gives the customer the chance to choose, according to their matter, the best way to enter into the system.

The most powerful thing about CCH Tagetikis the embedded functionality within the system, we can say that CCH Tagetik has a complete set of CPM functionalities, such as8fthe currency translation, the cockpit allocation, the snapshot functionality and the breakback functionality as well.It's an amazing collaborative experience to work with CCH Tagetik, we feel that we have the same DNA, we have a passion for best Finance,best practices, we are keen to deliver the best services for the customers.

CCH Tagetik is the best software in the CPM market today.

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