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Financial Consolidation in the Cloud

For many finance professionals moving to the cloud is the next natural step in their process evolution but many have limited experience in making this crucial transition. So here is a rare opportunity to hear first-hand how migrating to the cloud has completely transformed management and statutory reporting in this ambitious group.

Explore how moving to a unified consolidation environment in the cloud has enabled the Arena Group to improve the dependability and speed of financial reporting, liberate time for analysis and decision-making as well as providing the agility to support the group’s ambitious global expansion.

Gary Simon, Chief Executive of FSN & Leader of the Modern Finance Forum for CFOs, will interview Paul Littlechild, Group Financial Controller, Arena Group on this topic.

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Chapter 1 Intro

Brief introduction to the webinar by Gary Simon, Chief Executive FSN & Leader of the Modern Finance Forum on LinkedIn.

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Chapter 2 Arena Group’s Consolidation story

Paul Littlechild, Group Financial Controller talks about Arena Group which provides event overlay services, designing and delivering complete temporary environments for sporting and cultural occasions in the global calendar.

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Chapter 3 Changes in Environment

In this chapter you will learn about the challenges Arena Group were facing that lead them to implement CCH Tagetik.

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Chapter 4 Accelerating the Consolidation Process

Learn what led Arena group to select CCH Tagetik's robust Statutory Consolidation tool to also deliver their Budgeting and Forecasting requirments.

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Chapter 5 Collaboration and Modern Technologies in the cloud

In this chapter you will learn why Arena Group decided to implement a Cloud solution rather then an on-premises one.

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Chapter 6 Benefits

Learn how Arena Group improved the data accuracy and speed of financial reporting.

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