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Learn why SeatGeek chose CCH Tagetik to drive their Integrated planning on the cloud.

CCH Tagetik's modern robust and flexible platform fosters a collaborative integrated planning framework for SeatGeek's Finance Function.

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We're increasingly growing in a more complex company with operations in six different countries and we do business in over two dozen countries so we're always scanning the regulatory environment.

Primarely we've had a fairly complex planning infrastructure and we're developing, maintaining and publishing over fifty Excel models and reports, it's a lot to ask to try to bring that together and had that shared in a secure and collaborative manner.

Our time is the most valuable asset, so we try to automate what can be automated, but as we enter new markets and have developed new business lines and products, connecting those systems, connecting the data between those can be difficult, so it's not only a time cost but also there's an increase probability of having errors in data or calculations wich we frankly can't afford.

With Excel and offline disparate models is that when it comes time to update them, or even simple things like sharing them with who they should be shared to, a kind of a decomposed model in order to share it securely by creating another sub-model, just the process of sharing that information takes up a lot of time for us.

I think it's clear that CCH Tagetik was one of the most modern and flexible tool, I felt like I didn't want to mold our processes to the tool and I wanted the tool to work for us and CCH Tagetik had a very robust and integrated planning framework where I could really get a lot of the organization and the business owners to collaborate on our forecasting and budget process, as well as having that robust reporting environment.

Also as we grow we will be able to leverage the other areas of CCH Tagetik around regulatory, compliance and reporting We're really on a journey of Finance transformation at SeatGeek, we moved from an internally based finance black box to become a business partner to everyone in the organization and to really foster collaboration and we need one tool to bring together that integrated planning framework.

It was pretty clear when we saw the competitive landscape that CCH Tagetik was head and shoulders above the competition.

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