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KPMG Australia can now offer their customers a solution with a new approach to age old problems with CCH Tagetik.

Learn why KPMG Australia recommends CCH Tagetik to their customers as the solution that can seamlessly combine their Financial Consolidation needs with their budgeting needs.


I was looking for a tool to work with that was doing something different in the market, bringing a new approach to age old problems that other big vendors have not necessarily done with well in the past, and also looking for an organization that really wanted to partner in the true sense of the word, because what I found with a lot of the new cloud-based vendors in the business is that they don't really want to partner, they don't understand the value.

From a customer perspective I think … it's really being able to bring them something different in the market that isn't the traditional solutions that are quite separate where … even though its from one vendor … they not really want an integrated solution that solves most of the problems of the finance function … and being able to take CCH Tagetik to them brings a different dimension that they're not able to get from other vendors, so I can feel comfortable in the market talking about CCH Tagetik as one of the options that people should consider.

A lot of clients that I have worked with have struggled to combine together their financial consolidation needs with their budgeting needs and that's one of the things that CCH Tagetik does quite seamlessly, which is a real differentiator in the market for the product.

It's a one integrated solution, it's a solution that is very focused on business rather than being focused on technology, so rather than having to have a team of technical people, it's really about getting the business to understand the solution and build their own solution as we go.

…we have done that with a number of clients now … and being able to put together really different solutions rather than having to be a very standard thing that people have had in the past, and so for us doing the right thing, getting it done quickly, getting them a great result and being able to walk away and know that they can look out for themselves… that's the result we were looking for.

I see they're a great alignment between the values of CCH Tagetik and KPMG's values.

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