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CCH Tagetik 's IFRS 17 offering

Learn what makes CCH Tagetik's IFRS 17 offering unique.


The CCH Tagetik offering for IFRS 17 is an end-to-end solution, from input data to output journals.

We offer all of the IFRS 17 calculation approaches, so premium allocations, the general measurement model and VFA as well and we have one of the only solutions that at the moment is able to offer all of those and to initiate a project immediately with all of those available.

The CCH Tagetik solution is not a coded point built solution for IFRS 17, CCH Tagetik is a CPM platform upon which we have configured the predefined data model rules, calculations, validations for IFRS 17 and that's what makes the CCH Tagetik offering unique, not a single line of code is being put into our solution, it's configured by consultants for Finance as opposed to by developers for Finance and that's really kind of thrown through what CCH Tagetik is about whenever we're implementing any kind of solution.

Our solution is built by Finance for Finance and is really designed with the users in mind and that plays through in the way users interact with the solution but it also plays with how it's administrated and configured.

What that means is that our finance users are able to take the pre-built rules and customize and tweak or adjust those as they might be needed and the CCH Tagetik platform close to be integrated with many data sources as well as many output data feed because naturally not for our IFRS 17 solution is going to sit in the middle of actuarial policy data warehouses as inward feeds and particularly a ledger as an output feed but maybe even BI tools and other systems outwards as well.

That open platform is really key and unique in what we are able to bring to our IFRS 17 projects.

In addition to our IFRS 17 we do a lot of work with IFRS 9, 15, 16 and we also have a large footprint in Solvency II as well, both Pillars one, two and three, therefore the value that we can often bring is where clients want to integrate all of these into a unified platform, a unified solution and not be moving that data around different technologies and different systems.

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