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KGiSL is a CCH Tagetik Consulting Partner in Singapore


KGiSL is part of the $500 million KG Group having interest in Textile, Engineering, Healthcare, Education, Real Estate, Entertainment, IT and IT Enabled services. The group employs over 10000+ people spread across different geographies

KGiSL is a global technology company offering information technology and business consulting services. We help customers build, enhance and work on more innovative and efficient business through digital transformation. Our next generation technology services go beyond just supporting your business.

We help in building a more agile organization that’s ready for the future. Over the years, we have been delivering digital solution to make complex business work more efficiently and produce better results. KGiSL has been in the forefront of bringing together the best of technology and human ingenuity to create better value to our customers, partners, employees and communities around us.

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