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Excent is CCH Tagetik Reseller in Italy


Excent is the result of an entrepreneurial project whereby a team of professional people with different experiences and background create a workforce with a clear intent of sharing their quality focussed know-how for the benefit of customers. Established in 2005, Excent specializes in 3 areas:

  • Management Consultancy
  • Business Intelligence
  • ICT Consultancy

Their mission is to support customers by researching and providing appropriate solutions, in line with the most innovative standards, offering a wide range of professional skills in all areas of corporate management, building an enduring collaboration relationship, based upon mutual esteem and trust.

An essential part of their style of dealings is to comply with the highest ethical and professional standards. Excent’s organizational model is aimed at creating ongoing value, by caring about personal relationships, sharing know-how and experiences as well as continually training resources.

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