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Belgian GAAP for Consolidated Financial Statements

The CCH Tagetik Belgian GAAP for Consolidated Financial Statements Starter Kit is a preconfigured solution for companies that prepare consolidated financial statements according Belgian law. The Starter Kit is developed on the basis of the Normalized Chart of Accounts (MAR) and contains all the required functionality to collect, consolidate and report companies that fall within a consolidation scope. With the Starter Kit comes a fully preconfigured consolidation package, reporting process and consolidation posting logic.



Consolidation package in English, Dutch and French

Full scope of statutory reporting included according the MAR account scheme, with data validation rules to help control data quality.

Reporting processes to collect data from the accounting ledgers

Includes a process cockpit with an embedded intercompany reconciliation step. Allows to store legal ownership percentages for (changes in) the consolidation scope.

Full set of automated consolidation postings

Easy to audit automatic postings for elimination of intercompany positions, posting of currency translation differences, of consolidation differences, and of minority interests.


Time and cost savings for a Belgian GAAP implementation.

Saves many weeks of design and build activities.

Combine statutory and management reporting.

Includes segment and cost center (functional) details to satisfy internal performance management needs as well.

Combine financial and non-financial reporting.

Includes disclosure notes for borrowings, off-balance commitments and headcount.

Embedded cash flow statement.

Comes with a fully integrated indirect cash flow statement.

Built-in intercompany reconciliation cockpit.

Enables a faster close by delegating intercompany reconciliation to the operating companies.

Automated equity consolidation.

Comes with the automated postings of consolidation differences, currency translation differences, intercompany eliminations and minority interests.

  • Easily roll out the Starter Kit across the organization

  • Sales can be detailed by segment and operating expenses by function

  • Consolidated financial statements are prepared with Belgian standards


Languages: English, Dutch and French

Targeted Job Function: Executives, Finance and Accounting

Industry: All Industries

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