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February 11, 2014

Lucca (Italy) and Stamford, CT (USA)

Tagetik Launches New Blog ‘Passion for Finance’

Sharing insight and experience on Performance Management with the Office of Finance

Tagetik, a global provider of enterprise software solutions for Performance Management, Disclosure Management, Financial Governance and Business Intelligence, today announced the official launch of the Tagetik Blog – Passion for Finance by Tagetik!

“We are excited to announce the launch of Tagetik’s new blog dedicated to Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and to the Office of Finance,” says Pierluigi Pierallini – President and CEO at Tagetik. “In this blog we share our insights and experiences gained over more than 20 years of working “hand-in-hand” with thousands of finance executives in hundreds of companies around the world.  We really wish for advance the discussion and thought leadership on Corporate Performance Management together with our fellow readers.”

“The challenges that the Office of Finance faces every day are many and growing constantly. Today’s CPM market is shaped by increasing demands due to new application areas (strict regulations, need to analytically plan and control the business, …) as well as the introduction of cutting-edge technologies such as the cloud, in-memory databases or mobile devices to access financial data in real-time,” continues Manuel Vellutini – EVP, Chief Operating Officer at Tagetik. “This blog is aimed at opening an interactive discussion on these and many other topics, giving space to the views of market experts and voice to software end-users. To continue in the innovation process that has always distinguished us in the market.”

Tagetik’s blog first topics are:

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