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Tag Smarter. Manage Better. File Faster.

Get confident in your filings with an automated solution that combines best-in-class financial management with the market leading iXBRL filer.

CoreFiling’s learning engine taps into CCH Tagetik’s single data source, automatically tagging and completing iXBRL filings. With financial management and iXBRL in one solution, you’ll consolidate results and manage taxonomies, reuse tags across time periods, and validate results from one platform. CCH Tagetik and CoreFiling together: the fastest and accurate way to file iXBRL.

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Beginning January 1st, 2020, the European Securities and Markets Authority has mandated that all EU public companies must use inline XBRL (iXBRL) as the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) for IFRS-based annual financial statements.


This standard impacts any company listed for group filing on EU and EEA regulated markets.


Inline XBRL based ESEF makes annual reports machine-readable. The mandate’s goal is to help investors make better investing decisions by making financial statements easier to compare and analyze.


Fast, Accurate Filing

Eliminate errors and improve confidence with an integrated solution that automatically tags annual reports.

Tools You Know

Prepare your iXBRL filing from your annual report in MS Word powered by the CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office.

Ease and Access of the Cloud

No installation downtime or need to involve IT. The solution comes ready to use.

Rollover Tagging

Copy last year’s tagging decisions and apply them to this year’s annual report.

Trusted XBRL Software

As an XBRL Certified Software™ by XBRL International and with 30M+ iXBRL documents submitted error-free, CoreFiling is trusted by filers.

Fastest Tool on the Market

Powered by a machine learning engine, automatically apply tags smarter, faster, and more accurately.



Connect Narrative and Numbers

Text that updates as the numbers do. In our integrated solution, financial management and iXBRL technology come together to connect reports with a single hub of data. All financial documents align with parameterized numbers and text that update as data changes. Plus, CCH Tagetik supports all 23 EU languages.


Smart Tagging

Intelligent tagging, faster reporting. <<Smart>> tagging uses an automated machine learning engine to auto-tag tables and free text in line with the taxonomy. It’s so intelligent, you can reuse tags, tag notes, and automatically tag similar documents across different years.


Taxonomies + Extension Management

Get it right the first time. With machine learning tagging, you can easily manage extensions to your taxonomy. If ESMA makes changes to the taxonomy, we’ll make the updates for you. Your filing is always be up-to-date.


Re-use Tags

Same tags, different period. <<Smart>> tagging technology enables you to re-use tags across different time periods. This means when you’re preparing your next report, iXBRL fields update and automatically rollover. With fast, accurate tagging, iXBRL compliance is as easy as clicking “refresh”.


Automatic Validation

Quality assurance, every time. Easily validate tagging to verify your results and ensure tags are correct before submitting your filing to ESMA. If you want to review the original report along with your tags, simply export the file. Take that, material errors.


Generate iXBRL Filings

The tools you know, powered by leading iXBRL technology. All collaborators create reports in MS Word and Excel using consistent, validated CCH Tagetik data. When you’re ready to create your iXBRL file, easily convert the formatting, apply the auto-tags, and put the final touches on your submission. 


Integration with Financial Processes

Our iXBRL solution integrates with our entire fleet of financial management tools, including CCH Tagetik Consolidation and Collaborative Office. Your iXBRL filings reflect the same vetted data as all plans, consolidated financial statements, and statutory reports.


Trusted Company, Industry Leader

Only the best for our customers. Our solution is powered by industry leader, CoreFiling. With best-in-tech machine learning and industry-renowned XBRL expertise, CoreFiling has processed 30 million iXBRL documents without error, proving they’re the most innovative, trust-worthy solution available.

On Demand Webinar


iXBRL standard impacts any company listed for group filing on EU and EEA regulated markets. Our integrated, certified, and cloud-based solution combines the strengths of CCH Tagetik and CoreFiling to enable quick, accurate preparation of iXBRL files in format required by European regulators.

Grazia Cafagna, Director, Financial Services Solutions Management at CCH Tagetik and Jon Siddle, Technical Lead at CoreFiling, will guide you through a live demo to see first-hand how our solution can help you get compliant quickly before the deadline. 

CCH Tagetik provides Erste with an independent full consolidation process, from data collection to regulatory reporting for iXBRL filings.

From a very complicated SAP solution to the flexibility of CCH Tagetik, discover how Erste boosted their data processing saving 50% of their time, benefiting from a very flexible reporting and a win-win collaboration.


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