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Board Books & Budget Books solutions

Executive decision making, with confidence

Resources spent on board books are wasted if the information is not accurate. The risk and repercussions of strategic decisions made with information that is inherently flawed can be very costly.

Companies trust our board books software solutions for collaborative reporting on management reports, budget books, and board books, because CCH Tagetik streamlines the process, manages the complexity, and ensures board members get the accurate information.

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Financial Insight, Narrative Remarks

Since narrative and numbers work together to create the full picture for the board and a strategic direction for the company, accuracy is paramount. CCH Tagetik allows you to automatically update both textual and financial data so you have a single version of the truth across all your reports.

Multiple Contributors

A single page within a collaborative report could have a table from finance, a chart from operations and narrative written by a Line of Business manager. Whether it’s twenty pages or two hundred, CCH Tagetik allows multiple contributors to work within the same document at the same time, without bottlenecks or versioning confusion.

Packaged Templates

Managerial reports and board books are never a singular request. They’re repeated annually, quarterly, monthly, even weekly. With CCH Tagetik, reports roll forward and data updates automatically with current figures so board books are consistent from meeting to meeting and executives can analyze decision-making information faster for better strategic planning.


The board will always have questions. With CCH Tagetik, you’ll always have answers. CCH Tagetik’s audit logs store a complete history of data, from the moment it’s logged, through consolidation and all the way through to the final report. With this granularity, you get insight into updates, revisions and approvals when you need it.

Board Books Benefits


Increase confidence

Increase confidence in numbers and narrative using a single source of consolidated information

Better decision-making

Better decision-making by combining financial and non-financial information in the same report

Cut reporting time

Cut reporting time by using templates and rolling data forward into future reports

Reduce discrepancies

Reduce discrepancies between management reports and financial statements by using a single system

Easy to use

Easy to use and easy to learn, CCH Tagetik uses Microsoft Office tools: Word, PowerPoint and Excel

Eliminate manual errors

Eliminate manual errors and human intervention with automated data and narrative updates

Board books key capabilities include


Automated Compliance Reporting

It’s easy to combine financial and non-financial data to create board books and other collaborative reports, like budget books, using CCH Tagetik. Not only is financial information easily rendered within reports, if the data changes, all reference points are automatically updated as well.

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Cross-functional Collaboration

Board books are a cross-departmental project, involving input from contributors around the organization. CCH Tagetik simplifies the production of board books by facilitating collaboration and communication between contributors. Within the system, board book managers can assign sections and content items, set deadlines, view the status of contributors and send out notifications. To drive efficiency and avoid bottlenecks, multiple contributors can work within board books at the same time without risking version overlap.


Accuracy & full Transparency

CCH Tagetik’s unified corporate performance management solution provides detailed audit logs so that information is completely transparent and traceable back to its source. Automated workflow shows clear accountability for updates, revisions and approvals. Answering tough questions by tracing source data just got easier.


Automated Workflow

CCH Tagetik simplifies the creation of board books and budget books by enabling you to monitor the status of contributors and reports, set deadlines and receive approvals automatically. With a process-driven dashboard, you can see all work-in-progress in real-time. 

CCH Tagetik's Reporting Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries

M+W Group

Budgeting, Planning, Consolidation, Reporting, Disclosure Management

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Leonardo (Ex Finmeccanica)

Management Reporting, Project Controls, Disclosure Management

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Consolidation, Reporting, Cash Flow Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

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Unicredit Group

Consolidation, Budgeting, Disclosure Management, Reporting, Dashboarding,Analysis

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Manitou Group

Budgeting & Planning, Lease Accounting Solution - IFRS 16


Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning

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Automated & Validated: The New Era of Board Reporting at GE Capital

This webinar discusses how GE Capital utilized CCH Tagetik CDM to implement a standardized & automated reporting process that yielded internal benefits and satisfied federal requirements.

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