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Financial Management Solution for Cloud

The Cloud for Finance without Compromise

The cloud is the future of software and finance. Flexibility, scalability, agility - you’ve heard it before. With CCH Tagetik deployed on the cloud, you get the same capabilities and financial intelligence as our long-loved on-premises solution, without any compromise. 


With the CCH Tagetik Cloud, finance is more autonomous and empowered with decision making insights than ever before.  On-premise.  On cloud. One solution.  With CCH Tagetik, the choice is yours!

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Advanced Analytics Benefits


Complete, No Compromise

All capabilities and features necessary to optimise financial processes from budgeting through consolidation and reporting.

Safe, No Compromise

Not just future proof, we have all necessary certifications to ensure your financial processes are bulletproof. 

Data Integrity, No Compromise

A single version of vetted, apples to apples data across all LoBs, geographies, currencies and contributors.

CCH Tagetik unified corporate performance management software solution for cloud

Unified Cloud CPM

Budgeting, planning, modeling, forecasting, consolidation and reporting are all in CCH Tagetik’s one unified solution.  CCH Tagetik Cloud automates the processes while retaining original data integrity and all functionality across all users, geographies, LoBs and departments. 

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Finance Owned

Purpose-built for finance, CCH Tagetik uses a friendly interface and familiar Microsoft Office tools. There’s no learning curve. Finance can analyze actuals, perform what-if analysis, reforecast, and update all plans, budgets and dashboards at the click of a button, with no IT intervention. 

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Scale up

No need to roll out a new deployment, install new hardware or involve IT. With CCH Tagetik Cloud, easily deploy the solution to new users and get them onboarded quickly with intuitive interface and highly configurable permission settings. 

Fit Any IT Strategy

If you begin on-premises and choose to move to the cloud later, the process isn’t a reimplementation; it’s an integration. CCH Tagetik retains all data, roles and calculation rules. Your data flow is the same and your roles are preserved (as is your peace of mind.)

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All the Capabilities, No Compromise

Intercompany eliminations, simultaneous consolidations, currency and interest rate retention - CCH Tagetik Cloud is a simple solution with financial intelligence and automation for your complex CPM needs. You get all the capabilities and security of an on-premises solution with the added scalability and accessibility of the cloud, no compromise.

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Total Security

CCH Tagetik Cloud exceeds standards for penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, separation of duties, background checks, failover, disaster recovery and data redundancy. The cloud itself has 99.5% uptime guarantee with 24x7 monitoring.

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Reliable Support

CCH Tagetik Cloud Support includes phone and web-based product support plus setup of production and test/UAT environments, software and hardware updates, backups, infrastructure performance tuning, and disaster recovery procedures.

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Cost Effective

Eliminate costly hardware and infrastructure costs, our cloud system updates automatically. Your data models are unaffected and you never wait for roll out or burden your IT team. There’s no hidden fees for set-up, testing or production. Open architecture lowers TCO by adapting to existing systems, databases and applications. 

CCH Tagetik's cloud Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries

Assicurazioni Generali

Data Integrator - Tagetik APM (on Cloud), Tax Project - Financial & Fast Close (On Cloud), Tagetik Analytics (On Cloud), Consolidation (CAT Project) (on Cloud)

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Consolidation, Collaborative Office (On the cloud)


Budgeting & Planning, Consolidation, Management Reporting - Coll Office, Analytics (On Cloud)


Lease Accounting Solution - IFRS 16 on the Cloud


Budgeting & Planning (On Cloud)

Arena Group

Consolidation, Planning, Reporting (on Cloud)

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Technology Partner

Providing software solutions that are either hosted on, or integrated with, the AWS platform.


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On Demand Webinar


Agile finance functions need adaptable planning, budgeting and forecasting (PBF) systems. This webinar will discuss how a unified PBF system in the cloud, developed from the outset with an enhanced user-experience in mind, boosted The Rockefeller Foundation’s productivity and gave one finance function the independence it needed to be the ‘master of its own destiny’ while meeting the demanding and granular requirements of Human Capital and Salary Planning.

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