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Budgeting and Planning Software

Does your budgeting and planning process put you ahead of the game?

If your annual process is based on spreadsheets, dependent on IT, or based on technology older than the iPhone; you’re behind the curve-ball.

Our CCH Tagetik enterprise budgeting software gives you the ease of Excel, the flexibility of the cloud, and the power of built-in financial intelligence. Get more from your budget planning software with CCH Tagetik.

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Budgeting Planning Software Benefits


Unified End-to-End Planning

Unified, easy-to-use, end-to-end planning

Reduce Planning Cycle

Fewer iterations reduce the days required in the budgeting cycle

Single version of the truth

Confidence in a single version of the truth across all plans and budgets

Better business continuity

Better business continuity with one set of data and fewer systems

Built-in Financial Intelligence

Built-in financial intelligence to address the simplest and most complex planning requirements

Complete traceability

Complete traceability and accountability from start to finish

The Ultimate in Planning Flexibility and Breadth

Regardless of your planning and budgeting methodology, CCH Tagetik streamlines and automates many types of planning in a single solution, while modernizing and simplifying the process, and facilitating collaboration across financial and operational planners.

Get ahead of the game with these budgeting & planning capabilities

Budgetbooks and Performance Playbook

Board books, management presentations, budget books - all reports require a marriage of visual presentation and compliant, accurate data. CCH Tagetik natively integrates with Microsoft Office and has automated data refresh, so your numbers and narrative align and your staff work in the comfort of the programs they know.

What-if Scenarios Planning

Create what-if scenarios to test financial and operational assumptions. Visually compare results side-by-side and then one-click model the impact on financial performance, including the business impact on the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements. 

Robust Allocation Engine

Need to split balances, apply allocations across multiple layers or dimensions or use different methods on the same data set? No problem, CCH Tagetik’s allocation engine can manage all this - and much more - while making it easy  is easy for Finance and business users to configure - no scripting or IT skills required.

Control & Auditability

With CCH Tagetik, you get system-wide transparency, control and auditability. Quickly assess the origin of any change, update or adjustment and the person, date and time and specifics of that system interaction. CCH Tagetik provides detailed audit logs and reports for full transparency.


Collaborative Workflow

Finance, sales, HR, marketing and operations are better aligned using CCH Tagetik’s financial process workflow that orchestrates the entire financial planning and budgeting cycle- including the specific tasks, activities, due dates, submissions, status and approvals.

Integrated Forecasting & Modeling

Forecast and model financial and operational scenarios today to assess, evaluate and project the impact on tomorrow. Comparing scenarios side-by-side provides instant insights into impacts on the Balance Sheet, P&L and cash flows. 

Process Visualization

With visual workflow diagrams, it’s easy to monitor the entire planning process. See what stage contributors are at, proactively mitigate bottlenecks and keep a constant finger on the pulse of your plans.

Detailed Level Drill Down

When there’s an unexpected variance or deviation, CCH Tagetik provides detail-level drill down to source data. Glean insights from accessing and analyzing granular-level data, from purchase orders, to bill of materials, even down to the transaction.


Financial Intelligence

CCH Tagetik includes pre-packaged industry specific solutions, calculation logic, double-entry accounting logic, unlimited currency and interest rate support, time dependant hierarchies, spreading, depreciation rules and more. CCH Tagetik does the heavy lifting so you can focus on insights.


Finance controls user roles and data access, without ever burdening IT. Admins can set company-wide rules on data, workflows and permission-based security so collaborators’ roles are defined. With an audit trail, changes to budgets, plans, data points and reports are logged for complete transparency.

Reporting & Analytics

CCH Tagetik makes it easy for all stakeholders, even non-technical users, to create reports, dashboards and ad hoc analytics. With CCH Tagetik, you don’t need IT support to create reports or advanced analytics to track, analyze and approve plans and budgets in real time.


Unified Corporate Performance Management

Create an agile planning process that unifies budgeting, modeling, forecasting, consolidation and financial reporting within a single corporate performance management solution that was purpose-built for the Office of Finance. Whether it's on the Cloud, on-premises or your mobile device, CCH Tagetik gets Finance so you get results.

CCH Tagetik's Budgeting and Planning Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries


Consolidation, Reporting, Cash Flow Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

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Budgeting & Planning, Consolidation, Reporting (on cloud)

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Budgeting & Planning


Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning, Reporting

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Disclosure Management, Consolidation, Budgeting & Planning, Reporting

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Budgeting, Planning, Consolidation, Reporting

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Before CCH Tagetik, global law firm Ropes & Gray LLP used a combination of Clarity’s legacy system and Excel spreadsheets to complete various planning processes. Clarity’s system pigeon-holed Ropes & Gray’s ability to build overhead reports and drill down to actuals. With it, they could only skim the surface of performance results. What’s more? To band-aid Clarity’s deficiencies, Ropes & Grey used Excel models for revenue and cost planning. These spreadsheets were so manually intensive, they took months just to build and maintain every year.

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