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Consolidation Learning Path

To become a certified CCH Tagetik Consolidation Champion, you must complete the Consolidation Learning Path. The journey consists of five milestones, each complete with a set of courses that you must attend and pass, before moving onto the next milestone.

For detailed information, have a look at each course page.


  • Data Model: standard class
  • Output Reporting: standard class
  • Data Collection: standard class
  • On-line Test: final self assessment for Product Novice


  • Consolidation: standard class
  • Collaborative Office: standard class
  • System Administrator: standard class
  • ETL Foundations: standard class
  • On-line Test: final self assessment for Product Expert


  • Consolidation PRO: standard class
  • AIH Basics: standard class
  • On-line Test: final self assessment for Product Pro 


  • Solution Architect: This training course covers the fundamentals to enable attendees to design a CCH Tagetik application. This design class contains both Planning and Consolidation business cases.
  • Champion Exam: This two days exam, will test the attendee's capability to face the most common challenges in a CCH® Tagetik project.

Passing the Champion Exam will certify that you are a Consolidation Champion