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How the role of CFOs is changing in this new data driven world?

Marco Pierallini gives an interesting point of view of how today’s CFOs can successfully govern data transforming them into valuable insights.


In this new data driven world the CFOs have to expand their focus and look at differentsources for insights.

They have to govern the process of transforming operational datainto meaningful operational KPIs and link them to the financial KPIs, and to be successful in doing thatthey need to have a single unified platform where they can bring together financial and operational data, transform these data into financial and operational KPIs and govern the end-to-end process of transforming data into information and information into insights.

They need to have a single unified hub of financial and operational information.

This concept of pursuing simplification of systems for finance to unification, has been always our product vision.

Today we are expanding our product vision and we are bringingdata management functionality as part of the same platform, where the CFO can manage multiple different finance processes.Having this platform available allows the CFO to be in charge of its own data destiny.

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