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Now Tech: Enterprise Performance Management, Q1 2018

Forrester's Landscape Overview Of 19 Providers In EPM. Learn how to handle today’s EPM needs, tomorrow’s requirements, and move beyond EPM to drive decision making.

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Compliments of CCH Tagetik


Large, global organizations face challenges unique from any other size of organization. While smaller organizations might aspire to growth, global businesses expect it. On paper, growth is desirable for any business. But there’s a flip side to growth that can be a heavy burden on large organizations. Rapid growth carries a series of complexities, which if not managed adequately, can hinder the success of that growing business. 

When it comes to growth and EPM specifically, the challenge can be surmised in one word: agility. Is a large organization agile enough to scale their EPM processes? Are they agile enough to manage and transform growing volumes of data, that might come in a form foreign to the organization’s existing data ecosystem? Are they agile enough to comply easily with new regulatory requirements?

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