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Production Cost Planning and Control

Control COGS. Improve Decision Making. Maximize Profit.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Production Cost Planning and Control lets you focus on your business

CCH Tagetik Production Cost Planning & Control Solution

Key Capabilities

Don’t let costs be a wrench in the production line. Our powerful data engine centralizes all corporate data to put finance and production functions on the same page and equips you with the tools to plan and control costs at every level.

  • Plan costs from the bottom-up

  • Pre-packaged MRP, production cost and COGS

  • Use cost allocation to analyze profitability by product

  • Improve decisions with what-if scenario and variance analysis

  • See P&L impacts by plant, group, corporate

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Production Cost Planning & Control

Key Benefits

Production cost planning isn’t an island. It effects functions from plants and warehouses, to sales and operations. This solution was built to centralize production cost planning across complex corporate landscapes, benefitting the production units and the finance office individually, all while bringing them together.

  • Use built-in intelligence to convert currencies and run FX simulations

  • Our powerful data engine gives you real-time information

  • Control data flow from other functions

  • Get transparency with a complete audit trail

  • Pre-built for rapid implementation and to reduce costs

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Happy Customers

CCH Tagetik's Production Cost Planning & Control is trusted by leading companies across all industries.

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CCH Tagetik helped us to bring our budgeting and forecasting processes into a single, centralized, enterprise-wide system that operates in near real-time and allows for greater visibility into our planning process. We plan salaries at the individual position level and calculate benefits either as a percentage of salaries or allocated based on full-time equivalents.

Dave Coleman
Sr. Manager, Budget Planning and Analysis at OCLC

CCH Tagetik truly delivers a single source of truth on a single platform for all of our key financial data. It’s been a long-term goal to get there in Finance and it’s actually happening.

Meghan Maze
Chief Accounting Officer at Rabobank, N.A.

Along with a streamlined process, we have better data quality, more reliable data, and more transparency. I would say we are audit proof with our budgeting process and about 40% faster.

Michael Weese
Head of Business Informatics at Raiffeisen Bank