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Account Reconciliation

Accelerate Your Close.

Increase Transparency. Take Control.

3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Account Reconciliation lets you focus on your business

Key Capabilities

Automate the grunt work of reconciliations with pre-built functionality that supports accurate balance sheet accounts. When an account is unbalanced, our solution takes the guesswork out of your investigation so you can provide timely resolutions that apply moving forward.

  • Match transactions from disparate data sources
  • Use reconciliation templates with risk and aging view
  • Substantiate balances with attachments and notes
  • Use workflow to monitor tasks-in-progress
  • Generate audit reports automatically

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Account Reconciliation

Key Benefits

Reconciling accounts is one battle, gaining control is the other. Our solution gives you the transparency needed to understand the data and controls to reconcile, while automatically generating an audit report proving your numbers adhered to standards.

  • Quickly reconcile, review and approve balance sheet accounts
  • Pre-configured to ensure a standardized approach
  • Reconciliation reports, workflow and audit reports provide control
  • Free up time to work on value-added activities
  • Unified solution for faster close-to-disclose

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Increase accuracy of financial closing process

Enable automatic reconciliation, review, and resolution of balance sheet accounts, to get consistency across all accounts through harmonized, company-wide data and standardized methodologies. With built-in process monitoring, detailed audit trail and mandatory approval workflow you can increase efficiency, eliminate errors and gain control.

  • Improve accuracy
  • Easily reconcile
  • Get control
  • Streamline closing process through a single solution
  • Accelerate your closing time

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