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ForSight Consulting

ForSight Consulting is a CCH Tagetik's reseller in The Netherlands

ForSight Consulting


ForSight stands for Forward looking and inSight in financial and operational data to steer the business and improve operating and financial results. It is ForSight Consulting’s mission to inspire and provide guidance to the CFO to innovate their finance function with new technology for financial close & compliance, planning, performance management, analytics and collaboration to drive improved business results. With a pragmatic and holistic approach as a modern finance solution architect, we are mentoring the CFO.

We focus on CFOs and Transformation Managers, who are early adopters of new technology, want to learn and experiment. We create with you a modern finance vision and roadmap for implementation. We strongly believe in collaboration with the customer to create better outcomes. We think that a single data-point model for financial close & compliance, planning, performance management and analytics implemented in a unified information-centric data hub and application platform for finance and operations provides excellence to serve the business and be compliant at the same time.

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