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Financial Consolidation and Close

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The financial consolidation process is complex, time consuming and laden with risk, requiring proven financial consolidation tools to get the job done. Our unified CPM solution helps streamline finance consolidation by providing robust automation, process-driven workflow, stringent controls and detailed audit logs to modernize legacy approaches. With CCH Tagetik financial close software, we manage the complexity so you can accelerate the close and reporting process across all business entities.

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Reduce the cost and effort

Reduce the cost and effort of your monthly and quarterly closing and reporting

Increase confidence

Increase confidence and eliminate inconsistencies with a single source of the financial truth

Cut days off the monthly close process

Cut days off the monthly close process by eliminating bottlenecks and delays

Minimize errors

Minimize manual errors with automated controls, validation, and error checking

Full traceability

Full visibility, traceability and accountability from start to finish

Built-in financial intelligence workflow

A built-in financial intelligence workflow manages even the most complex close processes across decentralized business units

Financial Consolidation and Financial Close key capabilities include

Chart of accounts and rules

Define control groups between main accounts and related details or variations to be displayed in reports.

Legal entities and hierarchies

Define legal entities and reporting units, and set unlimited hierarchies to support complex ownership requirements.

Legal structure

Conduct event-based management, by period, of the history of your legal structure, such as by percentage of ownership, financial investment variations, or net equity variation and then manage multiple scenarios (holding and sub-holding levels) and consolidation rules.

Currency and Conversion

CCH Tagetik supports unlimited currencies and exchange rates. The moment you enter or load data, you can instantly see currency and exchange rate differences and the associated impact on consolidated actuals in plans, forecasts, models and reports. 

Accounting principles

In CCH Tagetik, you can generate multiple, simultaneous consolidations for U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), XBRL, and International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS/IFRS). All data is gleaned from a single source without having to run multiple consolidations and fully traceable for complete transparency.

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Intercompany (IC) matching and eliminations

CCH Tagetik speeds up and automates intercompany reconciliation. Simply right click to add new entries or access the Intercompany cockpit to define groups of accounts for IC matching or eliminations. You can track the status of these transactions through the IC Reconciliation Cockpit. 

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Controls and Diagnostics

In each step of CPM - from data entry, to adjustments, consolidation and reporting - is governed using automated financial controls, validations checks, and balance. CCH Tagetik gives you completely control over financial processes and captures the history of each data point in audit logs.

Financial reporting

In CCH Tagetik, you can manage all financial reporting requirements. How? CCH Tagetik provides you with pre-built logic for credit/debit signs, double-entry logic for creating cash flow statements, automated rounding and scaling, and drill-down capabilities for faster, more accurate reporting and more thorough analysis.

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Advanced technology

CCH Tagetik uses in-memory data processing to quickly complete calculations and transform your consolidated data into actionable, compliant results. What's more is that financial intelligence preserves interest and currency rates along the way. Our use of advanced technology doesn't stop there: a robust analytics suite allows you to slice, dice and dig deep into numbers in order to turn transforms consolidated data into insights.

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From Coding to Configuration. From Fragmented to Unified. From HFM to CCH Tagetik


CCH Tagetik's Consolidation and Close Software is trusted by leading companies across all industries

Unicredit Group

Consolidation, Budgeting, Disclosure Management, Reporting & Analysis

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Generali Group

IFRS Consolidation, MVBS, BPF, IVASS, Solvency II, Technical Provision


Consolidation, Closing, Reporting, KPIs, Analytics reporting, Budgeting & Planning

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Worldwide Consolidation & Reporting


Financial Consolidation, Reporting

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Solvency II, Disclosure Management, Consolidation, Reporting and Analysis


CCH Tagetik can help modernize your consolidation tools, eliminate error-prone, time-intensive manual data entry and cut days of the close cycle.

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Gain a Strategic Advantage with a New Perspective

Consolidation Comparison Matrix

The barrier that prevents many CFOs from embracing new technology is that the old technology still works. Today, CEOs and industry analysts believe CFOs need to embrace technological innovation, the time is now to invest in replacing tactical applications with more comprehensive and strategic ones.

Shorter cycles, lower TCO, better decision-making - that’s the power of CCH Tagetik. Work better, smarter and more efficiently with more confidence and less risk. Spend less time on routine, manual and repetitive activities, and more time executing business strategies that drive your financial results.

Looking for a new perspective?  Here’s a sneak peek at our Consolidation Comparison Matrix, to see the added value a new perspective could bring to your organization. 

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EVAPCO is an industry leading US manufacturing company with global resources and solutions for heat transfer applications.

Before CCH Tagetik, consolidation was a long, cumbersome process that a single person completed in Excel. Now using CCH Tagetik for Financial Consolidation, Financial & Management Reporting and Lease Accounting (for ASC 842 & IFRS 16), EVAPCO has reduced year-end consolidation from six weeks to two weeks, automating 60-70% of their consolidation entries.

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