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AIH basics

Duration: 2 days
Audience: Administrator, IT Professional, Implementer
Prerequisites: Data Model, Output Reporting, Data Collection, Database file management, Budgeting & Planning SQL Scripting Language (recommended)

Objectives: This training course covers the skills necessary to implement an AIH. Attendees will be taught to the difference between Financial and Analytical layer. The attendees will learn to create Analytical dimensions and all kind of Datasets included logical, virtual and reference table. The course will provide the ability to create the AW calculation engine, called Data Transformation Package, and the usage of Data integration tools into the business workflow. Attendees will learn to use Analytical Workspace on reporting side. In addition an introduction to special method parameters will be provided.


  1. Analytical Workspace and Financial Workspace
  2. Analytical Dimensions and Datasets
  3. Data Transformation Package
  4. Data integration tools
  5. Analytical Workspace on reporting side
  6. Virtual Datasets
  7. Import/Export
  8. Introduction to Special Method Parameters

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