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Finance, meet IFRS 9, are you ready?

This interactive eBook walks you through the impact of IFRS 9 to your organization and help you develop your transition strategy.

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The IASB's new financial instruments standard, IFRS 9, applies beginning on or after January, 2018. The new standard updates classification & measurement, impairment and hedge accounting for financial instruments. CCH Tagetik for IFRS 9 is an automated solution to address the new regulations and get you compliant quickly.

CCH Tagetik, in partnership with PwC, has created an Ebook that walks you through the impact to your organization, key regulatory changes and readiness questions to help develop your transition strategy.

Enjoy the read!

CCH TAGETIK thanks PwC, multinational network, leader in providing professional services, for the contribution in terms of content to the creation of this on-line guide.