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CCH Tagetik tackles the complex for Microsoft Customers in a simple way

Listen to how CCH Tagetik has opened the doors into the office of the CFO for Microsoft.


The advantage that CCH Tagetik has is that they've really focused on making a solid product, so the foundation of the product is very good, they cover a lot of different scenarios that our customers are looking for, so it reduces the amount of time it takes to go into production and get started, and also hits more of the value and more of the things that our customers really want to achieve inside of Finance and particularly what the CFO wants, and I think what they've been doing in branching out and run consolidated reporting and also regulation and compliancy is that's really thinking ahead of what's in front of the customers, listening to the customers and taking feedback, and we like that kind of innovation, that reaching ,that wanting to make a better product to bring more value to the customer, that's something we really appreciate at Microsoft.

I think the first thing that Microsoft customers see when they start to use CCH Tagetik is a much cleaner, simpler interface, so much easier, much faster to understand the numbers, understand what's going on in their business and to simplify what can be a very complex consolidation processes and alignment across multiple geographies and areas and local subsidiaries, so a lot faster in terms of finding out what there is they want to learn.

Of course, what we liked to see is that… because of the close integration between CCH Tagetik and the Microsoft platform, customers are able to integrate it with things like Power BI, Excel, Office and SharePoint, things that they're already using, things they already value, so it really amplifies what they're doing with Microsoft already and it gives them even more value of what they can get out of CCH Tagetik.

To me the most powerful thing about CCH Tagetik is its drive to be comprehensive, to tackle the complex but also remain simple and easy to use and easy to understand … it's not very simple these finance processes, this consolidation and reporting that CCH Tagetik has been focused on, but I really like their idea of 'Simplexity' and that is… things are going to be complex but somehow they're able to boil it down and make sense of it and help people find faster what it is they want to know.

We can only recommend CCH Tagetik as a partner.

They've been a great partner to us, we've done lots of successful deployments together, we've had great conversations about development of the product, new market opportunities and they really helped us reach the Finance departments and the CFO in a lot of our customer accounts where we may not have a great relationship and we couldn't really expose what it is we could do with Microsoft products and CCH Tagetik has opened that door for us, and it's been great, it's been a great relation.

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