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Budgeting & Forecasting

CCH Tagetik helped us to bring our budgeting and forecasting processes into a single, centralized, enterprise-wide system that operates in near real-time and allows for greater visibility into our planning process.

Dave Coleman – Sr. Manager, Budget Planning & Analysis


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The Challenge

OCLC is dedicated to furthering access to the world’s information and reducing library costs. As a global non-profit organization, OCLC also understands the need to keep its own costs under control.

That’s why the company replaced its aging budget application and an assortment of Excel spreadsheets with a Web-based budgeting and forecasting solution based on CCH Tagetik.



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From manual integration to the automated

Thanks to CCH Tagetik now we can automate  the reconciliation between sales planning and revenue planning viewpoints

Better workforce planning

Plans salaries at individual level and calculates benefits on full-time equivalents


It has a structure that does not follow the legal entity structure,now it has a flexible solution from a management reporting standpoint


CCH Tagetik gives them the flexibility to do ‘their’ EMEA things while ensuring that their specific requirements fit in the global standards

Not more different account by using different methods

They have one chart of accounts for OCLC worldwide, now they can effectively collaborate on their budgets across the globe

All Processes in one Data

it uses CCH Tagetik for forecasting revenues, balance sheet and cash flow statements, budget sales, capital expenditures and other analysis


To gain greater visibility in near real time, OCLC wanted to unify its budgeting and forecasting processes in a single, centralized system. OCLC plans in six currencies and has a matrix organizational structure that does not follow the legal entity structure. This demands a highly flexible solution from a management reporting standpoint.

  • Microsoft SQL Server as financial data mart
  • Integrated data-entry process using a Microsoft Office Excel front end
  • Easy global scalability
  • Higher flexibility with less risk of inaccurate data

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