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Cycling Community

CCH Tagetik Cycling community

Cycling is not only our passion but it is also a passion of many people who make the effort, typical of this discipline, their spirit of life. For this reason CCH Tagetik has chosen to support the cycling Italian team. On the road, cycling, we are sharing new passions, new businesses and, most importantly, new friends.

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La Bagarre

La Bagarre Ciclistica Lucchese

La Bagarre Ciclistica Lucchese is an association founded by a group of friends who share the same road, effort and passion on two wheels. The name Bagarre signifies the desire to bring together cyclists to participate in competitions and other athletic events. La Bagarre Ciclistica Lucchese is the synthesis of cycling passion composed of true lovers of the wind between the wheels. CCH Tagetik supports this group of young cyclists who are based in the city of Lucca (home to CCH Tagetik) with their hearts in many cities, even yours…

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Seventies Running Team

The Amateur Athletic Association Seventies Running Team Lucca was founded by a group of friends, all born in the 70s, bringing together all running lovers proposing to participate in competitive/noncompetitive sporting events. The Seventies Running Team Lucca organizes and engages passionate people who are willing to travel and take part in projects that reflect the interests of the city of Lucca. Since its founding in 2013 to date, the Association has about one hundred registered athletes boasting participation in marathons and other important competitive races within the international scene. The Associations modern approach, with particular attention and sensitivity to social issues, has inspired CCH Tagetik to support them in the belief that through competitive sports combined with the generosity with which the Seventies Running Team Lucca approaches rising issues of the city of Lucca, can contribute to the growth of a human territory dear to our company.

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2017 CCH Tagetik Calendar

“Colours of Heroes” is the theme of the photo contest for the 2017 CCH Tagetik Calendar. The theme reflects the recent campaign launched by CCH Tagetik, “Be a Finance Hero”. Participants were asked to submit photos that had a color palette similar to the logo of the super hero of the month. The photos were selected by an external jury.

This year CCH Tagetik has decided to donate all calendar sales proceeds to the City of Amatrice. Amatrice was the city most affected by the August 2016 earthquakes in Italy, the city’s Administration council has set up a bank account to receive donations.