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Innovation in the Finance Function - FSN’s Global Survey 2018

CFOs are now leading the charge of innovation. Discover the tools they need to tap into the strategic power of finance

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In their most recent study, FSN proved the unequivocally strong link between innovation in the finance function and increased performance. So why are organizations seeing innovation as a risk, not an opportunity - to their detriment?

In this report, FSN’s study lays out the attitudes, myths and realities around innovation in the finance function and we comment on how the Office of the CFO can exact innovation in a positive way that positions companies for growth.



The FSN survey drew responses from 1,037 international senior finance professionals from our 51,000 strong FSN Modern Finance Forum on LinkedIn. This survey covered finance professionals across 23 different industries. 81% of these professionals were considered to have senior job titles and above.


FSN is a global publisher of thought leadership, research and “must-have” content for CFOs and senior finance professionals around the world. FSN’s highly popular and active Modern Finance Forum on LinkedIn has a membership of more than 51,000 readers in more than 23 countries and across every major industry segment. It is also the publisher of the popular www.fsn.co.uk website and regularly holds networking dinners and events for its members.