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Keynote The Next Big Thing Anthony Marzetti

Watch the Keynote Highlights at CCH Tagetik in Touch 2018 in Miami by Anthony Marzetti VP Product & Strategy.


Modernizing finance for me is really all about unification.

So this is something that we went through in the past with CPM where we unified processes whether that was budget, consolidation excetera.

Now what we're doing is we're unifying systems to get into both the analytic layer and the transactional layer.

So we're compressing those layers to make finance teams much more responsive in the way that they handle and treat data.

The challenge that modern CFOs face today is really about a couple of things.

Probably the first is that CFOs need to be a strategic partner to the business and so they need to handle datasets that's not really what a traditional CFO's used to do and they have to be much more operational, they need to guide the strategy of the organization.

That's a first pressure point that CFOs have to handle.

A second is that they have to handle much more data than ever before so they have to have systems that are adapt at being able to handle these new large datasets and probably a third component is that CFOs actually have a lot more regulatory reporting requirements that they have to be able to handle.

So they actually have to be able to manage that data and also make sure that data is highly accurate and ready to report in many different ways.

Finance transformation platform enables them to collect all of this information in a single unified place and so that really facilitates handling all these different pressures that they have from different parts of the business.

Analytic information hub is really all about empowering the Office of Finance.

Traditionally finance didn't really have a way to be able to get into very granular data and really model their data the way that they saw fit, they were really reliant on IT teams and this meant they were really slow to be responsive.

Analytical workspace and analytical information hub gives them an area where they can be very responsive to the business and really model data as it suits their specific business needs.

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