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Financial Excellence 20XX – Be ESMA-compliant!

CCH Tagetik Events

26 November 2020 from 10:00 to 10:45

Timezone: Europe/Rome

Successful ESEF Reporting by using an integrated ‘Built-In’ and ‘Bolt-On’ solution for the precise and accurate initial reporting of your IFRS consolidated financial statements in the required XHTML / iXBRL format.

The ESEF iXBRL standard affects every company listed for Group Filing in the regulated markets of the EU and EEA. Learn how CCH Tagetik iXBRL powered by CoreFiling enables you to prepare and successfully implement your ESEF initial filing in the XHTML / ixBRL format required by the European regulators in a fast, intuitive and accurate manner.

We will show you best-practice approaches on how customers implement this requirement with CCH Tagetik and demonstrate the tagging process in CCH Tagetik's end-to-end solution.CCH Tagetik's ESMA-compliant, iXBRL-certified and cloud-based solution provides a holistic, user-friendly and comprehensive end-to-end solution for ESEF reporting that supports both approaches ‘Built-In’ and ‘Bolt-On’.We explain the key points in the ESEF reporting process: from the starting point of the data from the Disclosure Management component, through the different types of labeling, to the finished, exported XHMTL formatted consolidated financial statements.

The integrated and certified complete solution combines the strengths of CCH Tagetik and CoreFiling in tandem to enable accurate, fast and efficient creation of XHTML / iXBRL files. Benefit from an integrated end-to-end solution for the accurate creation of your initial ESEF report.



Peter Kathmann - Solution Architect, CCH Tagetik

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