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Capital Planning

Get a complete picture of capital requirements and monitor the impact of capital spending on operational and financial budgets.

Combined with built-in financial intelligence, CCH Tagetik shows how changes to capital spending impacts cash flow and financial statements in real-time.

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capital planning key capabilities include



Automatically calculate depreciation, accumulated depreciation, profits and losses, taxes and all other standard calculations. In addition, by using built-in features for cash pooling and group taxation, you can calculate your net financial position easily.



CCH Tagetik breaks down the budget barriers; providing a collaborative process-driven framework that facilitates communication and knowledge sharing among participants. With CCH Tagetik, no budget or plan is isolated in a departmental silo. Instead, finance and operations can easily email, IM, notify, alert and share documents, comments, versions, deadlines, workflows and status.



Assess changing market, operational and economic conditions by modeling scenarios and testing business drivers to understand outcomes and the business impact. Compare results visually side-by-side, assess the highlighted variances, and evaluate the effect on the P&L, balance sheet and cash flow.



See the true cash impact of operational processes with short and long term cash flow forecasting. Supported by advanced modeling logic, you can forecast cash, inventory, accounts payable and receivable by country, customer, segment and intercompany transactions to improve management of cash position, interest expense, and working capital utilization.



With CCH Tagetik's powerful allocation engine, it's easy to allocate direct, indirect and activity-based costs down to the most granular level. Assess true profitability based on detailed analysis of costs across your entire enterprise, including all departments and all pricing positions, from distribution waterfalls to complete multi-step allocations across multiple dimensions.



The devil's in the details and that's why CCH Tagetik provides Planners with easy access to granular-level details and calculations. Quickly drill-down to underlying data to understand the business logic, assess business drivers and make more informed decisions.



Create more accurate long term plans using CCH Tagetik to plan the entire lifecycle of capital expenditures including depreciation. Whether based on net-present value or the internal rate of return, CCH Tagetik calculates the impact of capital expenditures over the entire lifecycle of the asset.



Get the right information, at the right time, in the right format - delivered the right way. CCH Tagetik provides real-time updates, alerts and notifications - via email, the application or your mobile device, so you can instantly assess, analyze and take action. From scorecards, to dashboards to web reporting and ad hoc analytics - CCH Tagetik powers real-time agile planning. 

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