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Strategic and Operational planning

Strategic and Operational planning is the process of developing an effective strategic and operational plan for businesses, which requires a complete understanding of the market and the industry trends that may affect business now and in the future. Successful implementation of Strategic and Operational planning requires alignment of all components of your operation—people, process and technology—to support and promote the achievement of your vision.

Operational planning is the day-by-day and month by month planning for what your organization is doing; strategic planning determines the entire direction of your organization, including what it's not doing but should be doing. The two forms of planning must be integrated, but must not be confused.

The term "strategic planning" is now used to express the analytic and comprehensive elements of this type of planning.

The strategic plan aims to focus an organization’s vision and priorities in response to a changing environment and to ensure that members of the organization are working toward the same goals. Strategic management harnesses the full potential of an organization by integrating daily operational decisions into the strategic process.

Strategic management is a task for the whole organization all the time. It is a way of thinking and a guide to action, and should govern the behavior of everybody concerned. It enables organizations to think through and document what they are doing, for whom they are doing it, and why.

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