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Onsite Rental Group


Budgeting, planning, reporting & forecasting

We see this successful implementation of budgeting and forecasting in CCH Tagetik as the first major step on a journey to have the best possible solution for our complete financial performance management needs. In the future, this will include bringing in best-practice rolling forecasts and financial reporting.

Scott McDougall - Chief Financial Officer


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the challenge

Onsite wanted a new budgeting and forecasting system that would be simple to use and able to be rolled out widely in the organisation, promoting buy-in through a formal review and approval process. The new system needed to be driver-based, with the budget being driven out from asset utilisations and rates based upon Onsite’s asset structure.

Furthermore, Onsite had a vision to have the very best solution available that would be capable of supporting financial performance management best practice across all processes. This includes implanting rolling forecasts and integrating financial reporting.



By-in to the budget at all levels

Thanks to the built-in process workflow that drives the budget formulation and the formal review

Full transparency

The formal approvals help ensure transparency and full control of the budget cycle


Fast turnaround of the budget

Automated budgeting & forecasting

Time to focus on the business plan and not just the numbers

One single platform

One platform for all the financial performance management processes

Best practice application

Capability of supporting financial performance management best practice across all processes

the solution

Onsite chose CCH Tagetik for its familiar Microsoft Excel interface with a robust financial engine behind that had the scalability to unify all of Onsite’s financial performance management processes in one solution. The CCH Tagetik budgeting and forecasting application was implemented on time through a team effort by the CFO Group consultants and the Onsite finance team. With its built-in Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool, CCH Tagetik takes actual data from Onsite’s data warehouse for budget comparatives and seeding the forecast. The ETL tool also produces an extract of the budget for importation to Onsite’s ERP system.

The CCH Tagetik system went live in March 2014 as planned for the preparation of the FY 2015 budget.

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