Wolters Kluwerの一員となり、Tagetik SoftwareはCCH Tagetikになりました。 続きを読む



Wintrustが直面していた課題とCCH Tagetikの導入により成し遂げた事を解説します。



With over $20B in assets and growing, Wintrust Financial Corporation was experiencing myriad of issues impacting their planning cycle, including:

  • Inability to budget and plan at detailed levels
  • Incapacity to forecast new acquisitions
  • Burdensome regulatory requirements associated with filing 3+ years of forecasted data
  • Lack of audit trail and user control

It was clear to Wintrust that their expansion called for a solution that could help plan at detailed levels, institute what-if modeling to support their growth plans, handle multiple regulatory requirements and provide a user-friendly platform for hundreds of contributors.

Joel Macholan, VP of Financial Planning and Analysis at Wintrust, will discuss the steps taken to implement and optimize an all-encompassing solution - from the projection of the current portfolio for an accurate Balance Sheet planning to the automated consolidation of the budget and forecast – that fully supports the office of the CFO.