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銀行における計画業務: Raiffeisenではどのように計画の戦略を近代化したか

銀行ではどのようにしてデータを正確性を確保しながら、大量のデータを高速に処理することができるのか?このWebinarでは、この最終目標を達成するためにソフトウェアをどのように活用しているのかをMichael H. Weese氏から話を聞きます。



For larger banks the challenge with planning is always the same, “how do I process a large amount of data quickly, while also ensuring the data is accurate?”

Raiffeisen Bank asked this same question back in 2011. As an international bank with close to 15 million customers and more than 2,700 locations, they were faced with the challenge of needing to quickly create a standard planning environment that they could use to consolidate their data, generate budgeted balance sheets and P&L statements, and analyze them from any angle.

After discussing their long-term goals with their consulting firm, they concluded that they would need to achieve 3 factors in order to transform their planning process: speed, flexibility, and accuracy.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • How modern planning can drive future growth
  • How to leverage software to improve data quality and increase speed
  • How a single integrated platform gives banks a competitive edge
  • Best practices to ensure a fast & successful deployment