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Aggreko社の先進的CFO - Carole Cran

Aggreko社において、ファイナンス部門の役割の変化とフィナンシャル・レポーティングのプラットフォームとしてCCH Tagetikをどのように成し遂げたかを伺います。



Progressive CFOs are under constant pressure to balance their traditional role of sound financial stewardship and control, with the growing need to become a trusted, dependable and forward looking business partner to the rest of the C-suite.

One leading Progressive CFO who has faced these challenges head-on is Carole Cran of Aggreko plc, a FTSE 100 company and world-leader in temporary power & temperature control solutions.

Carole has driven the global transformation of the finance function at this leading organization. Learn about the people, process and technology challenges she faced on the road to world class finance and the business value that resulted from this massive initiative.