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業界精通者で作家でもあるSteve Player氏がソーシャルメディア、クラウドコンピューティング、ビッグデータ、およびモビリティなどのような21世紀の技術によるインパクトについて解説します。



Budgeting at most companies follows a process blueprint that was designed in the 1920s and has changed very little. When large computers came on stage in the 1960s and 70s, the budget expanded because transaction processing expanded. When personal computing exploded in the 1980s and 80s, accountants used spreadsheets to personally automate the 1920s blueprint. And while things are faster, the net result is just greater frustration. It time to fundamentally reinvent planning.

Join us as industry expert and author Steve Player discusses the impacts that 21st century technologies such as social media, cloud computing, Big Data, and mobility. See how these tools combine to enable the reinventing how planning and forecasting are performed. It also shows how it allows finance team to stop doing many things that are no longer useful.