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Bristol Bay におけるファイナンス業務の大改革

本WEBセミナーでは、Bristol Bay Native Corporationの経営管理業務の大幅な改革に寄与しているCCH Tagetikのソリューションをご紹介します。



Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC), one of Alaska’s largest Native Corporations, is a holding company with five operational business lines - Industrial Services, Government Services, Petroleum Distribution, Tourism, Construction and investments in private equities and commercial real estate.

Because of the diversified mix of businesses, there was an inherent challenge in consolidating 80+ entities and reporting overall company performance. Adding to the dilemma, BBNC worked out of Excel, had numerous data sources and limited resources.

Needing to dramatically reimagine their consolidation and reporting process, BBNC needed a solution that had the breadth of functionality to handle complex requirements and easily aggregate from multiple data sources.

Join us as Greg French, Director of Financial Reporting at Bristol Bay, details how CCH Tagetik’s solution for Consolidation helped change the financial paradigm for the organization, providing the company with a fully consolidated view of organization-wide, service line and individual company results.