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Automated & Validated: GE Capitalのレポーティングの新しい時代の幕開け

このWebinarはGE CapitalにてCCH Tagetik CDMを導入し、大きなメリットを享受しかつ法的要件を満たしながら、レポーティングプロセスをどのように標準化と自動化を実現したかについて説明します。



Producing quarterly board risk reports was becoming a headache for GE Capital. The reliance on manual processes was leading to a lack of data consistency and control. Further, regulatory mandates intensified the need for change.

Needing to simplify and streamline a PowerPoint-based quarterly report to the Board of Directors, GE Capital sought a solution that provided superior functionality while offering a flexible and comfortable environment to work in.

In this webinar, Raj Lakra, Managing Director Enterprise Risk and Head of Board & ERMC Reporting, discusses how GE Capital utilized CCH Tagetik for Disclosure Management to implement a standardized and automated reporting process that yielded significant internal benefits and satisfied federal requirements.