Wolters Kluwerの一員となり、Tagetik SoftwareはCCH Tagetikになりました。 続きを読む


Qlik & CCH Tagetik - 信頼できるフィナンシャルデータから得られる洞察。




There is no other combination that provides the Office of Finance with complete control of managing finance processes and producing, vetting, and disclosing financial information with the confidence to make it seamlessly available to those who need it without risk of losing control over the accuracy and auditability of the data.

Qlik and CCH Tagetik are now integrated, to bring you the next stage of CPM: creative analysis. Learn how Finance and senior management can:

  • Provide intuitive data discovery and visualization of controlled financial information to those who need it
  • Manage, validate, and control critical financial processes with confidence
  • Take greater advantage of the trusted financial data in CCH Tagetik