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Duration: 2 days (1 day course + 1 day case study)
Audience: System Administrators
Prerequisites: Foundation course & basic knowledge of MS Excel functionality

Objectives: This training course covers the basic reporting features for data browsing and data entry which represent the pillars for any CCH Tagetik implementation.


  1. CCH Tagetik Reporting introduction.
  2. Excel Client overview.
  3. Minimum requirements for a Basic Output Form design.
  4. Financial Statement Templates.
  5. Parametric Forms.
  6. Basic dynamic forms
  7. Basic usage of CCH Tagetik style.
  8. Minimum requirements for a Input Form design.
  9. Daily usage of a Form (Navigation and Data Entry).
  10. Advanced Reporting Tools and Forms maintenance.
  11. Tips & Techniques and Best Practices.

Case study: a workshop with some real life requirements is handed out to the attendees. The goal is reviewing all the topics covered in the first two days and challenging the students to approach the specific problems autonomously.

Additional info: l Available also as Virtual Classroom Training (VCT).


Mag 23-24 - Dubai (UAE)

CCH Tagetik Office

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