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Collaborative Office

Duration: 1 day
Audience: Administrators and disclosure Contributors
Prerequisites: Data Model and Output Reporting (only for CCH® Tagetik integrated implementation)

Objectives: This training provides a basic overall knowledge of the set of processes available with CCH® Tagetik Collaborative Office. The attendees learn how to design collaborative documents, how to distribute the duties among the contributors as well as how data is retrieved from CCH® Tagetik or external attachments.


  1. Uses of CCH® Tagetik Collaborative Office.
  2. General overview.
  3. Explanation of the most commonly used Front Ends (Web & Word).
  4. Administrator’s duties:
    1. a. Document Type.
    2. b. Document Activity.
    3. c. Workflow Definition.
    4.  d. User Rights.
    5. e. Collaborative Office Document creation.
  5. End-user’s duties:
    1. a. Overview of available functionality.
    2. b. Editing a Document Section.
    3. c. Compare multiple documents & track changes.
    4. d. Submission/Approval of Document and Sections.
    5. e. Create a complete Document.
  6. Tips & Techniques and Best Practices.


Apr 2 - Zurich (CH)

CCH Tagetik Office

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