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Video Intervista a Anton Niculescu, General Manager Tagetik North America

Scopri come Tagetik supporta l'area Amministrazione Finanza e Controllo con una soluzione di CPM in grado di gestire sia i processi Finanziari che Strategici soddisfando anche le esigenze più complesse.

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We do not sell software what we sell is a solution What the solution means is that you need tools but you need an understanding of what you are going to deliver The Tagetik software is just a tool set It's a tool set that's exceptionally built In the sense that it is flexible enough and intuitive enough to afford complete satisfaction of client requirements In an intuitive easy to deploy manner However By itself it doesn't do much So the fact that we get finance, the fact that we understand the principles of finance, that we live and breathe the results is what allows us to take this tool set On coax it to do everything that you need it to do now and tomorrow As your requirements change It is that joint experience Of configuring our software understanding your needs coming with the best practices and deploying them on this platform that allows us To give you exactly what you need It's our knowledge of Finance coupled with the best tool on the market today.

There's no substitute for the human intelligence and intellect In reaching a decision.

Every single CFO, weather, and every single executive, weather in a small company or in a large company Faces the exact same dilemma and that is, how do I allocate my scarce resources In a combination that optimizes my stated goals What Tagetik allows them to do Is it allows them to take away the noise, and focus on the key KPI's and on the key action items Establish the correlation between the actions and the results and this is invaluable and at that point not only am I able to make better decisions but I can make better decisions than my competition.

Allowing me to take advantage of opportunities to a higher level.

And that's where Tagetik plays an valuable role.

It will not make the decisions for me but it's going to give me the necessary and required data to either validate or invalidate my decision.

The fact that Tagetik not only allows me to make the initial decision but also allows me to keep tabs on my decision.

And allows me to implement incremental changes and see how the market, how my company, how the environment responds, then it takes me to a level of Excellence it is gradual and continuous and that's what every single business needs in order to continue succeeding.

Not just to have a 'flash-in-the-pan' result.

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