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Demo di 2 min: pianificazione delle trasferte

Scopri come gli utenti di CCH Tagetik possono gestire in modo semplice i budget dettagliati delle trasferte tenendo conto delle assunzioni previsionali a livello globale e di driver ad hoc. Grazie a funzionalità di modeling le trasferte possono essere modellate in molteplici forme e nuove trasferte possono essere aggiunte in pochi click attraverso una semplice interfaccia excel.

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Travel planning in CCH Tagetik is made easy yet robust by following a very simple driver based logic, let's take a look.

Through a very intuitive data entry schedule users will be able to plan for their travel expenses by location, by version or even by department, by simply choosing their options through a very familiar drop down list.

The first section to the left presents the users with some centrally managed drivers, for instance for airfare expenses or for accommodation expenses, however given them the ability to also add their ad hoc drivers through the simple click of a button.

In this case we are, for instance, defining a very simple driver such as the dollar cost per mile, with also the ability to of course enter the dollar value for the new driver that we have just added.

In the section below, users will be able to break out their travel into individual trip and further break out each trip into different expense categories, such as air/train expenses, meals expenses, hotel accommodations, by leveraging those familiar drivers that have been defined above, through the click of a button, for instance they will be able to account for some international travel expenses, and also plan for the type of accommodations that their different employees will be staying at for this specific trip, also given the ability to define the exact month when the trip is happening, and also how many train or airplane tickets will be needed, how many nights the employees will be staying out for this specific trip.

All of this will also leverage in a very familiar and easy to read graphical interface, that updates on the fly to show immediately the impact of our changes.

It is also possible to come up with any other kind of modeling logic right on the fly, by choosing the calculation option, for instance to calculate mileage expenses by defining the number of miles driven, in a very simple calculation that will take into consideration the miles driven (times), the dollar per mile (cost) that we just entered before to calculate the final mileage cost.

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