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Novice On-boarding Bootcamp


The Novice Bootcamp is an intensive 2 week on-boarding program designed to improve and speed up the on-boarding of new Implementers. This is part of a 6-8 week agenda, in which Novices will be asked to follow additional training, and to keep track of their progresses. Every 4 week will be planned a follow-up call with the Academy Team to discuss progresses, feedbacks and answer questions. The Novice Bootcamp is the standard way to on-board CCH® Tagetik new hires, but it can be really valuable also with new hires from various implementers.
Recommended also for Developers and Pre-sales.

Duration: 10 days
Audience: New Employee or Implementers with no or little experience in the CPM/EPM Market.
PrerequisitesWe define as "Novice" a new implementer with little or no previous experiences in the CPM world. New hires fresh out from University or with experience in a completely different market.

ObjectivesThis 2-weeks bootcamp is specifically design to bring a new resource up-tospeed with all the knowledge and skills required to work on a CCH® Tagetik implementation. The peculiarities of this bootcamp are:

  • l Mix between Product Skills and Soft Skills
  • Team Building and Team working activities througout the whole camp
  • Simulation of an end-to-end PoC, where all the acquired knowledge and skills will be tested and used
  • Overview of the whole Company structure, with dedicated sessions delivered by various Departments

Topics: The Bootcamp agenda is quite busy. Here a summary of the topics:

  • Welcome by Executives
  • Data Model Course
  • Output Reporting Course
  • Data Collection Course
  • ETL Overview
  • Troubleshooting best practices
  • Overview on the Office of Finance
  • Presentation Skills + Presentation activities
  • Additional Soft Skills
  • Meeting with Departments (Sales, Marketing, Support, Development, etc.)
  • Final Ent-to-end PoC
    • Work team
    • NOT step-by-step approach, but simulation of the real PoC
    • 2 days activities
    • Final Presentation with "customer questions" simulation


Set 30 - Ott 11 - Lucca (IT)

CCH Tagetik Office

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