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Video Intervista a Bani Brandolini, Presidente International Tagetik

Scopri perchè Tagetik è una soluzione unica per l'"office of Finance" e perchè ha una forte credibilità tra i suoi clienti.

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Tagetik I think is the only player on the market that today Really offers Something that is From a point of view of both the product And the organisation something that is really scalable It really hinges on unifying everything around one product, if you look at our competitors they have good coverage but it takes them 4-5-6 products to get the same coverage As we get with one unified product, so unification is at the core of what we do that I totally agree that that is really the DNA Of Tagetik, its really the people that make things happen But there is deep relationship between the people and the Product Because the reason why we do have A tremendous product is because people in Tagetik listen They listen to the needs I would say both our customers and our partners are very very good connected to those customers on the market And I want to give you an example of this, few years ago we were approached by one of our largest German Insurance customers That have used Tagetik in a number of areas including management reporting and consolidation, were very happy with Tagetik, they told us; "Look we would like Tagetik to make us happy in a new area which is Solvency II" We weren't even sure what Solvency II was all about, And as a result of listening carefully to their requirements, we developed a Solvency II solution within the Tagetik financial performance platform And surprise surprise speeding on a couple of years, we now have hundreds of Solvency II customers around the world, but it was thanks to our ability to Listen To our customer needs that we we're able to make a lot of our customers happy.

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