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CCH Tagetik KICK OFF 2018 – Opportunity

L’annuale Kick Off di CCH Tagetik si è svolto in una dei luoghi più suggestivi del mondo: Venezia. La destinazione perfetta per incontrare i colleghi di tutto il mondo e per condividere le storie di successo del 2017 e preparasi al nuovo anno. Ascolta cosa è stato condiviso!

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CCH Tagetik kick-off is always a great opportunity to meet together with our colleagues, which are not only colleagues, but also friends, and to share experiences with them, celebrate the success of the previous year, define the plan for the coming year … so it's always a great excitement and also great fun.

I'm always delighted to come to the CCH Tagetik kick-off and to meet all these people and to see how the CCH Tagetik family grows year after year.

So, always a pleasure.

This is a great time, it's the right time to celebrate what we accomplished in 2017 as an organization, the great results we delivered all together as a united team, but also to prepare ourselves for 2018, which will be a year of great opportunities for all of us, and we are ready to catch and to deliver on these opportunities.

We don't sell simply technology, we don't sell solutions, we sell everything that can empower our customers … and what is empowering our customers? … is people that are behind our solutions.

CCH Tagetik is a family, a family of products, solutions and opportunities for people to join together and empower our customers … I think it's just an amazing chance for all of us to get together on a global level, to exchange ideas, to meet new people… It's very thrilling to listen to how the company and the organization is growing and is proceeding… it gives us a sense of pride … This is another amazing kick-off, we're celebrating a 2017 reach of success and we are looking forward to a 2018 … The CCH Tagetik kick-off is a great opportunity to share goals and plans for this year, meet colleagues, brainstorm and exchange ideas… I think inspiration and passion is what makes working in CCH Tagetik really an adventure every day, I think I will never stop learning from it… The People.

CCH Tagetik people is very team-oriented, everyone's very passionate, very innovative… It's definitely an event that really to me kind of speaks highly of how CCH Tagetik is as a company… I think it's absolutely great.

It's my second kick-off and it really gives me a lot of energy… I really like the energy of the people, the passion and the speed at which things change, the way we work together, all of us… We've got all the tools we need, the people we need, we've got the education and I think we are ready to go… Great atmosphere, great colleagues, great product… I'm really impressed to have a kick-off in such a beautiful place and happy to share new ideas with CCH Tagetik team globally… First of all transfer energy globally, being respectful with people, and work with people and for people.

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